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Game On! The Sweet 16 HIIT Workout

Put on your game face. It’s time for March Madness! Whether you’re rooting for the top seeded teams or cheering on the underdogs, it’s hard not to get pumped for the NCAA’s top hoops stars making history with double overtimes and buzzer beater shots. (And if you’re following our March Madness Workout Challenge, a buzzer beater is equal to five star jumps.)

What makes these athletes unbeatable? Exceptional agility. We’re talking fast feet, quick reflexes, flawless footwork and straight-up explosiveness. Agility is an incredibly important factor for every athlete because it allows the body to move quickly and easily while adapting to constantly changing circumstances, says Anja Garcia, former NCAA Division I athlete and DailyBurn 365 trainer.

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And luckily, you don’t need to be All-Conference material to reap the benefits of training like an athlete. We asked Garcia to design a workout to help anyone jump higher, run faster and move more efficiently. She’s bringing the burn, high-intensity interval training (HIIT) style.

By alternating between high-intensity, all-out efforts and brief rest periods, “the body’s demand for oxygen rises, creating a deficit and making the body ask for more during recovery,” says Garcia. Translation: Your body will continue to burn calories even after your sweat session in order to help regain its store of oxygen.



The March Madness Sweet 16 HIIT Workout

Ready to play? Just because this workout is only 16 minutes doesn’t mean it’s going to be easy. Before you begin, warm up by alternating between jump rope, jumping jacks, and lateral lunges for five minutes. Then grab a basketball (or any lightweight ball) and follow along with the GIFs below. Perform each exercise for one minute, then take a 30-second rest after you’ve done all five. Repeat for two more rounds (that’s three rounds total). Ball’s in your court—so go bust a move!

Image: Life by Daily Burn

1. Squat, Shoot and Press
Targets: Quads, glutes, rotational movement, and core
How to: Stand in a neutral position with your feet hip-width apart, holding a basketball in front of your stomach. Lower into a squat position, making sure your core is engaged and your chest remains upright. Send your hips and bottom back (a). Explode through your heels, jumping straight up and bringing your arms and the basketball directly overhead (b). Land on the balls of your feet and bring the basketball back in front of your chest (c). Step your right foot out to the side, then rotate your upper and lower body so you are in a forward lunge with your right foot in front. Make sure both legs are at 90-degree angles, and quickly press the basketball out in front of you (c). Return to the starting position and repeat movement on the other side.

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Image: Life by Daily Burn

2. Basketball Push-Ups
Targets: Chest, shoulders, and core
How to: Start in a basic plank position with the ball under your left hand. Make sure your wrists are under your shoulders and your body is in a straight line from head to toe (a). Bend your elbows so your upper body descends to the ground. Then, press upwards back to the plank position (b). After completing the first push-up, roll the basketball under your body to your right hand (c). Perform another push-up with your right hand on the ball (d).

Image: Life by Daily Burn

3. Lunge Layup
Targets: Quads, glutes, and core
How to: Begin standing with your feet hip-width apart while holding the basketball in front of your stomach. Lunge back with your left leg, keeping your right shin perpendicular to the ground. At the same time, tap the basketball to the ground next to the inside of your front foot (a). Then, spring off your right foot while driving your left knee up. Pretend to do a layup with the ball as you jump up (b). Repeat as fast as you can for 30 seconds, then switch sides.

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4. Lateral Shuffle Shot
Targets: Quads, glutes, outer thigh, calves, shoulders, and core
How to: Balanced on the balls of your feet, start in a half-squat position. Hold the ball in front of your upper body (a). Quickly shuffle four steps to the right, keeping your upper body facing front, with the back straight and core engaged (b). Jump up and raise your arms and the basketball above your head (c). Shuffle to the left and take a shot (d). Repeat as fast as you can.

Image: Life by Daily Burn

5. Plyometric Lunges with Figure 8s
Targets: Quads, glutes, core and endurance
How to: Start with your right leg forward in a lunge position, with both knees at 90-degree angles. Your shoulders should be pulled back with your chest up, and hips facing forward. Hold the ball in front of your chest (a). With your left hand, pass the ball under your right thigh and transfer it to your right hand (b). Next, explode off the balls of your feet and launch yourself upwards. Midair, bring your right leg back and your left leg forward. Transfer the ball to your left hand, and keep your upper body relatively stable (c). Land in a lunge, with your left foot forward. Weave the ball under your left thigh and transfer it to your left hand (d). Repeat as fast as you can.

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This article originally appeared on Life by Daily Burn. | Rassie could call on forgotten Bok duo

Cape Town – Forgotten Springboks Gio Aplon and Cobus Reinach could make a return to the international fold on the team’s year-end tour to Europe.

Netwerk24 reported on Sunday that the duo could be included when coach Rassie Erasmus names his final squad after this weekend’s Currie Cup final.

Aplon, 36, currently plays as a fullback for the Toyota Verblitz club in Japan, played the last of his 17 Tests in 2012.

Scrumhalf Reinach, 28, plays for English club Northampton Saints and played the last of his 10 Tests in 2010.

Reinach will provide cover for Faf de Klerk, who appears to be unavailable for the Springboks’ four year-end Tests, while Aplon could come in for Willie le Roux, whose availability is also doubt.

The Boks tackle England (London, November 3), France (Paris, November 10), Scotland (Edinburgh, November 17) and Wales (Cardiff, November 24) on their tour.

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DTP Operator/Finished Artist (East Rand)

Remuneration: R15000 – R25000 per month Basic salary 
Location: East Rand
Education level: Diploma
Job level: Mid/Senior
Own transport required: Yes
Type: Permanent
Reference: #YG#DTP_Operator
Company: Cardilogix

Job description

Our client, a very busy ad agency, seeks the services and exp. of a skilled and attention to detail DTP operator who will focus mainly on preparing ads for various BTL print campaigns and product offerings. 

We would ideally prefer someone from an ad agency background who has worked on some retail and FMCG accounts.

This is a fast-paced environment, where long hours are required, but the rewards will be an awesome work team and amazing brands to add to your portfolio.


  • General design and layout
  • Getting work repro ready
  • Matching sizes according to the various print/media requirements
  • Scanning, deep-etching, colour retouching, redrawing of logos
  • Input of pricing in various catalogues
  • Ensuring all deadlines are timeously met
  • Must be fully proficient on Apple Mac 
  • A thorough and strong knowledge of InDesign, so please don’t apply for this position if you don’t have the relevant software skills
  • Min three years working exp essential within media/print/ advertising or similar

Should you submit a CV and not hear from our offices within a two-week period, please treat your application as unsuccessful. We will also keep your CV on file should a more suited role become available and be in touch to discuss the role available.

Posted on 22 Oct 09:06

Yolanda Gibbon
Or apply with your Biz CV

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Mechanical & Electrical Engineering

My client, a leading Chemical and Plastic manufacturer, is looking to hire Electrical Engineers, to join their production department. Salary from R10200
. Responsibilities: * Manage compliance * Oversee continuous improvements and performance management. * Execute and manage electrical investigations * Hazard identification. * Risk assessment * Maintenance * Develop the engineering team towards specific relevant procedures and electrical / instrumentation specifications. * Fault finding * Backup of systems. * Calibrations and breakdowns Matric *BSc/BEng/BTech Electrical Eng is essential (advantage) * Wireman qualification a distinct advantage. * electrical experience * Able to perform in a high pressure environment *Experience in production/manufacturing environment essential – preferably from chemical and plastics industry. *Computer literate. Cost to Company package is based on skills and experience. Requirements. Should you not hear back from us after 2 weeks, please consider your application as unsuccessful. Due to the large volume of responses, only shortlisted candidates will be contacted. Please send your CV to | Bullied Grey College pupil sent to school with bodyguard

After showing up at school with a bodyguard last Monday to protect himself from being bullied, a 16-year-old Grade 10 pupil at Grey College in Bloemfontein will now complete his studies at home, Rapport reported on Sunday.

According to the Sunday paper, the boy’s mother and the school came to this agreement because his safety is of concern.

This follows two incidents – one in March and another on October 12. In the first incident, his head was bashed against a wall and he was hit against his ear, causing damage to his eardrum.

On that Friday, the boy was allegedly kicked and rugby balls were thrown at him.

Last Monday, Netwerk24 reported that the boy was sent home within 15 minutes of showing up to school with the bodyguard.

The online publication reported that the school’s principal, Deon Scheepers, told the boy’ s mother that the boy was welcome to return to the school, but without the bodyguard.

Parent24: 6 dangerous myths about bullying

The boy’s mother told Netwerk24 that, during the alleged attack, he and his family were sworn at by Grade 11 pupils, using the Afrikaans slur p**s and telling him: “You must leave this f*cking school.”

In a letter published by Volksblad newspaper, a Grade 10 pupil at the school wrote that the boy was assaulted because of his disregard of the school’s traditions.

“We don’t bully one another, but we sort one another out,” the boy wrote.

“He should have seen it coming.”

According to Rapport, the boy walked on a piece of lawn reserved for senior pupils.

READ: Tormented at school and online

In 2016, IOL reported that the father of a 15-year-old boy in Durban hired two security guards to accompany his son to school.

This followed an incident where a group of 15 boys charged at the boy wielding knives outside the gate of the Phoenix Secondary School.

IOL quoted the chairperson of the South African Council of Educators, Veronica Hofmeester, who said South Africa was second only to Jamaica when it came to violent incidents at schools.

READ: KZN school finds effective system against bullying

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– FOLLOW News24 on Twitter | ‘I threw my baby out like a dog’ to save her – Khayelitsha mother on devastating blaze

When residents of Khayelitsha were woken up by screams of “Fire!” on Saturday morning, many of them scrambled to salvage the little they had, but were unable to do so.

The fire spread rapidly across the informal settlement with a strong wind fuelling its flames.

Sindiswa Mdikidiki said she thought the fire was far from where her now non-existent home was.

“I tried to get everything. I threw my baby out like a dog [to get her out of the fumes and fire]. I couldn’t get to everything,” Mdikidiki said.

“The fire made me confused, I’m still confused by what happened.”

No answers

Her teenage daughter has been asking questions that Mdikidiki says she has no answers to. Mdikidiki doesn’t know how her daughter will study for the upcoming exams – her school books are all gone.

The City of Cape Town on Sunday that more than 300 homes were affected in the blaze, while 1 300 people were now homeless.

Read more here: More than 1 300 homeless after Khayelitsha blaze

Many of those affected are left with only the clothes on their backs and hope that tomorrow will bring comfort.

Another man says he was awoken by shouts, was caught off guard and ran outside naked.

“I heard people screaming ‘Fire’, I don’t know what happened. I ran outside naked and back in to phone the fire brigade,” he said.

The race against the fire was being lost and some were forced to watch their belongings disappear in the raging fire.

Sylvia Kanzi was not home when the fire swept through her home. She was alerted by her neighbours about the fire.

“I was shocked when I saw what was happening. I tried to save some things but I lost everything.

“It’s a fire, I can’t be angry at anybody, this could happen to anyone,” Kanzi said.

Residents clearing up the remains of their homes.
Residents clearing up the remains of their homes. (Maxine Becket, News24)

On Sunday, demarcating and digging seemed futile as the wind blew away residents’ efforts to start rebuilding.

A few people were attempting to dig trenches but it was quickly filled with sand blown by the gusts, by afternoon many had given up and opted to converse with each other.

Nofikile Jeyi, 68, who suffers from asthma and heart complications sat by herself, her crutch resting on her leg.

“I’m saddened sitting here in this open field with all this wind blowing.

“I’ve been coughing throughout the ordeal, even now, my chest is still painful,” Jeyi said.

She had not eaten for the day.

“Right now they are salvaging damaged material for me for further use,” she added.

Residents clearing up the remains of their homes.
Children collect rubble in Khayelitsha. (Maxine Becket, News24)

Many had nowhere to sleep for the night and have made use of the hall to lay their heads down. Others are staying with friends and relatives. Luyanda Dashe has used the time to mark a piece of land for himself.

“The children aren’t safe where I stay and the house is too small,” Dashe says as he relentlessly digs into the soft sand.

One person died in the blaze and hundreds are left homeless.

Relief efforts have been arranged.

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– FOLLOW News24 on Twitter | Could diet affect breast cancer risk?

Like the human gut, the breast gland has a “microbiome” that’s influenced by diet, new animal research suggests.

Although the findings are preliminary, scientists hope their work might someday improve the treatment and prevention of breast cancer.

“Being able to shift the breast microbiome through diet may offer a new approach to preventing breast cancer or at least reducing the risk,” said the study’s lead author, Katherine Cook. She’s an assistant professor at Wake Forest University School of Medicine in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

For the study, the researchers fed female monkeys a high-fat Western diet or a plant-based Mediterranean diet for 2.5 years. They noted this is the rough equivalent of eight human years.

The monkeys who were fed the Mediterranean diet ended up with a different mix of bacteria in their breast tissue from those fed the Western diet – a roughly 10-fold increase in mammary gland lactobacillus, the researchers found.

There’s some evidence that this type of bacteria may help inhibit breast cancer tumor growth, the study authors said. The monkeys on the Mediterranean diet also had more bile acid in the metabolites in their breast tissue, which could also reduce breast cancer risk, the researchers said.

A Mediterranean style of eating emphasizes lots of plant-based foods, such as fruits and vegetables, whole grains, legumes and nuts. Its followers use herbs and spices instead of salt, and also limit red meat.

“We were surprised that diet directly influenced microbiome outside of the intestinal tract in sites such as the mammary gland,” Cook said in a university news release. “However, we are just at the early stages of understanding how dietary effects on the microbiome might be used to protect women from breast cancer.”

Much more research is needed, the researchers said. Also, it’s possible that the results seen in lab studies on animals won’t be replicated in humans.

The findings were published October 2 in the journal Cell Reports.

Image credit: iStock

for Sale. R 625 000 : 2.0 BEDROOM FLAT FOR SALE IN BRENTWOOD… South Africa Property Portal



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  • Bedrooms: 2.0
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  A unit that offers the ultimate lock up and go lifestyle!! Smartly presented throughout offering great peace of mind for anyone looking to climb the property ladder. Key Features 1 Seperate storeroom. 1 Modern kitchen with ample cupboard space. 1 Large open plan living area. 1 Patio with a sizable private and pet friendly garden. 2 Well-sized bedrooms. 1 Fully renovatedl bathroom. Located minutes away from all major amenities including transport routes, shopping malls, schools that has been set within a secure and well maintained complex.

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  Stunning contemporary home with all bedrooms found on one level. This extremely secure home is centrally situated minutes away from Cape Town City Centre, the V&A Shopping Centre, Sea Point, Mouille Point, and Green Point Main Rd. The street level, double garage opens up into the expansive living area adjoining a cleverly designed open plan kitchen and scullery. The linear private swimming pool is stylishly placed on the open balcony which seamlessly leads out from the living area. The incredible views act as a suitable backdrop. Down the stairs you will find three spacious and bright bedrooms, three bathrooms, the study and the TV room. There is a secure outside area provides for ample space for children to play in. The next level down features a completely separate north facing apartment with its own entrance. The apartment boasts a large north facing bedroom, a spacious and separate living room, a sizable kitchen and bathroom with shower only. This house is immediately available and is rented out without furniture.

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INFORMATION | Armed robbers overpower staff at Joburg substation

Six armed men stormed a substation in Mulbarton, Johannesburg South, at the weekend, making off with equipment and personal valuables, City Power said on Saturday.

The men pitched up in a truck around midnight and overpowered the two security guards on duty, said spokesperson Isaac Mangena.

The substation is undergoing a major upgrade and the contractor has been guarding the property.

The robbers broke into the storage and loaded a 500-metre drum of cable and five 75mm copper cables into the truck.

“While busy, a City Power electrician who was working on an outage in Glenvista arrived at the substation trying to trace the outage fault. He was also held and tied up,” said Mangena.

The guards and electrician were robbed of three cellphones. The electrician’s toolbox, valued at around R3500, was also taken.

Mangena said a case of armed robbery has been opened at Mondeor Police station.

City Power also apologised for the delay in restoration of power to several parts of Johannesburg East and north-east following planned maintenance of infrastructure early on Saturday.

The maintenance was scheduled from 06:00 to 17:00 but could not be completed earlier due to adverse weather conditions. 

City Power is in the process of migrating High Voltage circuits from the old Kelvin Power Station to the newly built Sebenza Substation. 

“This work requires clear weather as we are working on Fibre Optic lines and as such due to the bad rainy windy weather today, work could not be concluded on time as planned, said Mangena.

“Our engineers and technicians as busy on all sites to ensure this is resolved as soon as possible. We are estimating time for return of power to be 22h30.” | Officials, expert reveal possible SA links to kidnap of Tanzanian tycoon

Police officials and a security expert have revealed possible South African links to the kidnapping of Tanzanian billionaire Mohammed Dewji, who was released unharmed on Saturday.

Dewji, 43, who heads the MeTL Group and has been dubbed Africa’s youngest billionaire, was seized by gunmen as he entered a hotel gym in Dar es Salaam last Thursday.

Dar es Salaam police chief Lazaro Mambosasa said Dewji had indicated that his kidnappers spoke a “Southern African language”, confirming suspicions that they were foreigners, Al Jazeera reported.

According to AFP, Tanzania national police chief Simon Sirro said at a press conference: “Mohammed Dewji told us that the kidnappers wanted money but were very afraid, even though they were armed. He asked them several times how much they wanted but they gave no figure”.

“We now know their network, we know which country the plans were made,” he reportedly said, without expanding futher.

Ryan Cummings, director of African risk management company Signal Risk, weighed in on the kidnapping.

In a series of tweets on Saturday, he said: “This is very interesting. Firstly, it was confirmed that those who seized Dewji were ‘Caucasion’, now he claims that they were South African? White South African males involved in armed operations on the African continent tends to usually imply one thing and one thing only…. Guns for hire; could be former SANDF guys who are now selling their expertise to the highest bidder.”

Bloomberg reported police as saying that an AK-47 rifle and three pistols were found in the vehicle used by three kidnappers, of whom two spoke English and the other Swahili. | 100 minutes later and WP set up repeat of last year’s Currie Cup final

Cape Town – It took 100 minutes of high drama at Newlands, but Western Province ultimately clinched home-ground advantage and will host the Sharks in the Currie Cup final in Cape Town next weekend after the coastal sides beat their Gauteng rivals in two epic semi-finals on Saturday.

The final, which will kick off at 16:00 next Saturday, will be a repeat of last year’s title decider in the Currie Cup Premier Division and WP will have the opportunity to defend their crown in front of their home fans. They won the prestigious gold cup last year by beating the Sharks 33-21.

However, it took a sublime performance by Western Province wing SP Marais, who scored 30 points as he steered the defending champions to a 35-32 victory in a titanic 100-minute thriller against the Blue Bulls in Cape Town.

Marais scored a try, seven penalty goals and two conversions in a gripping encounter in which the sides were level at 32-32 after 80 minutes.

The Blue Bulls scored four tries to two by the home side, but their ill-discipline and struggle to stand their ground in the scrums came at a high price, as Marais made easy work of the penalty goals.

That said, the match could have swayed either way as a successful conversion by Blue Bulls flyhalf Manie Libbok – who was a key figure for his team – after a Dylan Sage try in injury time would have booked the Pretorians a place in the final against the Sharks in Durban.

The wayward attempt, however, pushed the match into extra time, and Marais slotted over his seventh penalty goal of the match to push his side ahead by 35-32, after missing an earlier shot at goal.

The Blue Bulls were also awarded a penalty in extra time, but they opted to kick for touch with five minutes to play, rather than going for the posts. They failed to add to their score before the siren sounded.

Earlier on Saturday, the Sharks remained composed under immense pressure against the Golden Lions in an exciting match in Durban for a 33-24 victory.

The clash in Durban was gripping as the Golden Lions fought their way back from 18-3 down at half-time to work their way within two points of the hosts on the scoreboard with 11 minutes to play, before Dan du Preez barged over for his second try, which dashed the Gautengers’ hopes of a victory.

Three braces were scored in the match, and all by Springboks, with Du Preez and Sbu Nkosi accounting for the Sharks’ four tries, while Courtnall Skosan scored two of the Golden Lions’ three tries.

The Sharks took a cautious approach in the first half by taking the points on offer at crucial times, which saw Robert du Preez kick two penalty goals, to add to tries by his younger brother and Nkosi, while they starved the visitors of possession, which limited them to a penalty goal for their efforts.

Nkosi crashed over for the second time from the restart, but a three back-to-back tries by the Golden Lions skipper, Nic Groom, and two by Skosan forced them back into the match. The hosts, however, remained calm and touched down for the fourth time with five minutes left on the clock to book their place in the final. 

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