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Challenging Subjects Gets Attention

In one ofthe initiatives to improve the province’s results, Eastern Cape department of education hosted a week training for teachers of maths and physical science at Nelson Mandela Metro recently.

The Department of Education in the Province of the Eastern Cape has cut down the districts from 23 to 12 districts and opened three teacher development centers with the aim to take services closer to the schools. The centers are mostly focused on training and workshops.

Total number of 94 teachers from three satellites under Nelson Mandela Institute attended the first week of the Maths and Physical science training and the two subjects were given most attention as they are the front line in much needed careers in the country. The department carries lots of programmes for the two subjects focusing on leaners and has now decided that attention is also needed to give to the teachers.

A 24-year-old, Nwabisa Nqabeni who is a physical science teacher at VN Kwinana Secondary School said the training was very fruitful as she only started her teachingcareer a year ago.  “For me the training has given me ideas on how to deliver the work to my learners, as a new teacher you do not have an idea on how to present the work in the best way to the leaners so that they can understand, the training now has given me skills to do that.”

“Important questions that appear on exam papers that seem to be a challenge to our learners were discussed,guideline on how to help our leaners to understand what examiners need when answering the questions, when I go back to class a positive change will happen and definitely my results will go up this year,” said chuffed Nqabeni.

Mr Khulile Nqeza who has 25 years’ experience in teaching maths, said the training was very informative and interesting as they could exchange challenges they experience with their learners.  He said it was impressive that every part of the syllabus was discussed and mentioned a part that they all seemed to have found difficulty with GeoGebra as it requires technology.

“I am grateful to take part on the training and for what the department is doing as these initiatives help us teachers to give our learners a more and better understanding, also the fact that we do not have to travel long distances to attend trainings has also contributed positively as our training time was not shortened for traveling purposes, from here it would be ideal for the department to create small hubs for the teachers to meet frequently, said Nqeza.