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The privilege of parenthood brings with it the responsibility of planning for the future of our children. Difficult decisions must often be made, with the only guideline being the fact that whatever choices we make our children deserve only the best. At home we ensure that the values we instill equip them for the future. It is, however, the time they spend with others Ÿ?? educators and friends Ÿ?? that concern us most, for they are beyond our control.

This is why the choice of a place of learning is possibly the most important decision any parent could make, as this decision will ultimately affect a learnerŸ??s opportunity to succeed in life.

At Parklands College we offer complete peace of mind, not only preparing the child academically, but also emotionally, by promoting positive feelings of worth, in preparation for lifeŸ??s challenges.

We appreciate the time you are taking to investigate what we have to offer and hope that our website will prove informative and provide answers to the many questions you may have regarding our educational policy.

Pre-Primary to High School
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