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7Arrows is a company that believes that a client is only as secure as the individuals within it, as opposed to other security companies that look initially at perimeter protection and physical barriers; Seven Arrows looks to create a cohesive, informed and motivated client in order to enhance safety. This is the constructive, energetic, proactive Seven Arrows approach.

7Arrows Security provides a full suite of security services and products to residential and commercial clients in the Greater Johannesburg area. The company has grown to approximately 700 staff members in its 7-year history – exceptional growth attributable to its key differences from all competitors, which are:

7Arrows is solutions driven. A product or service will only be recommended if it forms part of a security approach that will be effective in addressing the prevailing threats.
7Arrows senior management is operationally focused, and exceptionally experienced. The company has its roots in providing security to high-level individuals and installations. All 7Arrows directors and senior managers have experience on-the-ground in their respective areas of expertise.
7Arrows has a track record. 7Arrows has a history of delivering on its promises to clients, and thus has a substantial client base and list of reference sites.
7Arrows directors are personally contactable and accountable for service delivery.
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