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We are under the astute leadership of the President of Salga, who also serves as the President of United Cities and Local Government. I represent the local fraternity of our country.

I’m a living testimony that we are living and enjoying the right of life, dignity and liberty.

As organised local government, we must start by acknowledging the massive progress that we have made over the past 18 years of our democratic dispensation. This includes the provision of basic services to so many of our people.

It further includes the rapid development and quality of infrastructure, the increased mobility investment in social amenities and massive progress in financial management and institutional resilience.

This is highlighted clearly in the 2017 StatsSA non-financial census of municipalities, which confirms the numbers of consumers receiving services from our municipalities increased in the provision of sanitation, electricity, water and solid waste.

3.6 million indigents benefit from this. They receive 6 kilolitres of water for free, 50 kilowatss of free electricity. This is meant to benefit the poor.

Municipalities are under extreme cash flow constraints with over 123 municipalities collecting less than 80% on a monthly basis. The aggregate municipal consumer debt amounts to R158 billion.

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